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Gymnastics, Parkour, Hip-Hop and Cheer Classes with our Trained and Friendly Staff

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Summer Classes

Summer Clubs

Backhandspring Clinic 6/20 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Kid's Night Out 6/20 5:00pm - 9:00pm

Preschool Classes

Engage in a variety of fun and EXCITING  PRESCHOOL PROGRAM for children 15 months through 5 Years by registering in our specially designed programs. Pure Energy Gymnastics presents festive opportunities to develop your kid's skills in sports and socialization

Girl's Gymnastics Classes

Is your preschooler ready for the next step? Our SCHOOL AGE PROGRAMS are for children 6 - 18 Years Old. Register for our Shining Stars or Super Stars programs. These programs are designed to be the next steps in your child's gynastics learning

Parkour Classes

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Boy's Gymnastics Classes

Are your boys flexible and strong? Are you tired of them using your furniture for equipment? Sign them up for our high energy, physical gymnastics classes. These classes are for boys only and are great for teaching them how to use their powers for good instead of destruction. We will teach them how to tumble, swing, cartwheel, flip and backhandspring. Gymnastics is an amazing sport to help them in all other sports. Where else can you learn agility, strength and flexibility all at once?

Parkour Classes

Parkour is a mental and physical discipline that trains practioners (tracers)to safely and efficiently overcome obstacles one may find in a natural or urban setting.

Parkour classes at Pure Energy are centered around self-control, body awareness and individual progression. Each student is encouraged to try new things and conquer obstacles at their own pace all with the comfort of gym mats. We offer parkour classes for all skill levels, ages 5 and older.

Hip-Hop Classes

Do your kids love music? Do you catch them doing the latest moves in their room? Well, Miss T will help them get those moves down. Miss T is a high energy, fun and experienced Hip-Hop teacher. She knows how to break those moves down for the less experienced dancers but can kick it up a notch for those who love to be challenged

Cheer Classes

We here at P.E.G. have a specialized class for cheerleaders. We design our class to work on those basic skills needed to succeed in Cheer Competitions. We tumble until their little hearts are content. Roll/cartwheel/roundoff/handspring/flip all the way to the podium



Here at Pure Energy Gymnastics we compete USA Gymnastics Excel. We have 4 Levels on our team. We have Excel Bronze, Excel Silver, Excel Gold and Excel Platinum. As with our classes, our team is just like family. They cheer for one another just as hard as their parents would cheer for them. Team is a HUGE commitment for not only the gymnast but the family as well. But if you ask them, they would say it is well worth it. They get to travel to different places and meet all new kids from other gyms

Adult Classes

Are you tired of your kids having all the fun? Or are you a former gymnast/cheerleader who wants to get back on the equipment? Have you always wanted to try it but now you think you're too old? Here at P.E.G., we say HOGWASH!!! You're never too old. Register today and learn the basics or get back on that ole gymnastics horse again

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Photos Around the Gym and World

At Pure Energy Gymnastics, we love for the gymnasts to share their experiences with photos. We love to see where they have been. We always ask the gymnasts to take a picture doing gymnastics wherever they are traveling to so we can post it on out board. We have pictures from the beach, the Grand Canyon and as far away as the Great Wall of China

Birthday Bookings

When you want to throw a birthday blowout for your child, our gym is the ideal party place as we also have great packages in store for you. Let your kids play around and enjoy our gym facility under the careful supervision of our staff


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Who We Are

Pure Energy Gymnastics of Pepperell, Massachusetts, has an experienced staff teaching gymnastics classes and other various activities, such as hip-hop and parkour. For more than 15 years, we have been providing classes for boys and girls between ages 15 months through adults. Our mission is to teach fun, safe gymnastics while increasing every child's self-esteem through physical activity and positive reinforcement. We aim to provide the best customer service possible and make each child feel like they are a winner, for we want to be your #1 for gymnastic fun.

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Contact us in Pepperell, Massachusetts, when you want to enlist your kids to our fun-filled gymnastics classes facilitated by a sports trainer.